Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

General Details
With the cutting edge technology and USA TPU base film,  Lancer series PPF is scratch resistant with its unique self-healing properties, against yellowing, enhanced durability enhanced.

Innovative & Technology:
Starway utilizes a proprietary thermoplastic polyurethane formulation to provide outstanding processability for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coaters. The films are highly flexible and offer optical clarity, excellent conformability to three-dimensional surfaces, UV resistance, and a Class-A gloss finish. These paint and surface protection films are made using exacting extrusion techniques to produce the flattest films in the industry.

Lancer Series PPF Benefits:

With the self healing top-coat formulation, scuffs and light scratches can disappear in the heat gun and hot water.

High Stretch Ability
User-friendly Paint Protection Film with high stretch ability is fast, easy and profitable to install.

Against yellowing, discoloration, peeling
Excellent prevention for the car body to resist yellowing in sunlight, specially for the end users drive every day.

Performance Hydrophobic
Super-hydrophobic surface treatment increases stain resistance and limits water and dirt on the top.

Lancer series Paint Protection Film has the innovative, reliability and durability to protect your car painted surfaces with a 5-year limited warranty.

Product Construction

Technical Specs
Product Lancer Series PPF
Product Thickness(Total) 7.77mils
Top Coat Thickness 0.59mils
Base Film Thickness 6mils
Adhesive Thickness 1.18mils
Liner Thickness 3.5mils
Protective Cap Sheet Thickness 3mils
Finish Class-A gloss finish
Roll Size 1.52x15m
Warranty 5 years


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