February 19, 2015

What Are the Health Benefits of Negative Ions film?

Allergies, depression, and asthma – what do these have in common? Researchers have been conducting experiments to alleviate or cure these with negative ion.

While some results have been inconclusive, renewed interest in the ability of negative ions to simply and inexpensively kill airborne infections and surface bacteria has motivated new research efforts.

What are negative ions?

Also known as anions, negative ions are particles that contain at least one extra electron. This gives the particle a negative charge.

Outdoor sources

Negative ions generally appear in natural settings in greater numbers than positive ions. For instance, negative ions are generated by moving water – rivers, waterfalls, crashing waves, even showers and fountains – and the presence of negative ions is actually used to identify potential sources of water on other planetary bodies, like Enceladus and Titan. Waterfalls are probably the greatest producers of negative ions, thanks to the violence with which falling water breaks apart on both hard and aqueous surfaces .  Plants also produce negative ions, especially when exposed to intense light during photosynthesis.

Indoor sources

Negative ions can also be generated by air ionizers, sometimes known as negative ion generators. These devices use a high-voltage current to electrically charge (or ionize) air molecules.


New sources Flyvinci Negative Ion Window Film?

Our nagative ion window film  produces these naturally occurring particles, which can be found in high concentrations near waterfalls or in forests.  You can breathe in the benefits of negative ions any time in your home, office and car.

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